Monday, September 29, 2014

A Birthday And A Baptism

Good Afternoon,

This week was really good.  We have been working hard all day every day and it was a really hot week.  We saw a lot of blessings.

It was Marla's birthday on Wednesday (a member) and she didn't tell us.  She invited us to help in her garden and she gave us some surprise cake and treats.  It was fun.  Then we had a great lesson on repentance.

Kenneth is still really excited about coming to church.  We invited him to General Conference and he said he will come.  Best part is... he is inviting all his friends and neighbors.  He is awesome.  He told the Elders he would be coming to our church for a long time.  We gave him a gospel principles book and he read the lesson ahead of time so he would be prepared.  He pretty much taught the lesson.

We decided to clean up the path to the ocean where they do baptisms for service this week.  We got down to the bottom of the path and found some houses.  It turns out we just cleaned a really long driveway.  Someone got a secret act of service :)  We found the right path and cleaned it.

We had great birthdays.  Sister Hodge had hers on Saturday.  We went out to lunch and had a very special event later in the evening which I will talk about later.  For my birthday we went to the beach and had a beach BBQ with the Elders.  It was fun.
A homeless guy lives here on the beach

Those are crab heads

Creepy spider

Women's Conference was amazing.  I love General Conference and I am excited for this weekend.  We will be watching it at the church.

Miracle of the Week:  Jack got Baptized!!!  He was beaming when he came up out of the water.  He is a good kid.  He was confirmed yesterday.  The Spirit is always strong at baptisms.

Thanks for everything.  We had an amazing week and we are ready to work hard still.


Sister Shirts

Getting her hair braided

People think she is a local.

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