Monday, October 28, 2013

Service Works Miracles

Good morning,

We had a great week.  I went to Grande, Trinidad on Friday and rode a bike.  It was a lot more fun than I thought.  I want to be in a biking area sometime on my mission.  You just have to watch out for the crazy Trini drivers who don't look where they are going.  I was with Sister Taylor.  I learned how to make coconut bread and we had a fun time at ward family fun night.  I got to meet Samantha, the 16 year old temp who was with Sister Edmonds while I was sick.

I met a lady that has a pet monkey.  I didn't get a picture because we were just walking past.

Funny story time:  We went over to a member's house for a birthday dinner.  After the mom dished our plates I turned to Sister Edmonds and said "do you know what that looks like?"  She looked at me funny and I said "a pig nose".  She turned around and asked what kind of meat it was.  It was pig snout.  The dish is called pepper pot and not only did it include pig snout, it had cow heel and cow stomach as well.  The cow stomach was fuzzy looking and the cow heel was strange as well.  It all tasted fine.  It was just rubbery.  The pig snout tasted like ham and the cow parts tasted like beef.  Sister Edmonds couldn't eat it and was trying not to throw up watching me eat it.  I love trying new foods.  I also had aloo pies, papaya, pamsitae (a kind of fruit thing), and hot dogs covered in coleslaw for breakfast (hot dog=sausage in Trinidad).  I tried a lot of new foods.

Miracle story for the week:  We have been doing random service for an older lady for a few weeks now.  We just stop by when we are in the area and ask if she needs any help.  She hasn't let us share a message yet but we have been trying to soften her heart with service.  On Wednesday we went over and helped her clean all her windows (it took over an hour).  When we were on our way out she asked if she could see the bible I had in my hand.  We explained that it was the book of Mormon and she wants us to come back this week and explain what it is.  Service works miracles.

I love this work and I love the people of Trinidad.  I am excited to continue working hard and to meet new people.


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Behind the apartment

Cleaning (at least they have fun doing it)

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Very Rainy Week

Good Afternoon,

We had a wonderful week.  It rained almost every day this week and we have been soaked to the bone.  We don't dry off very quickly here.  Must be rainy season and we love it because it makes it more of an adventure.

We discovered that our investigator, Angela, has two turtles.  We had fun playing with them when we went over for her birthday.

While contacting we found a Hindu lady who invited us to her house and fed us Aloo (potato roti stuff).  The best part was when we asked if anyone else would like to join us she called into the house and...out came her pet parrot.  She told it to sit on the chair and it did.  It sat there for the whole lesson.

One day we were trying to contact a referral and the lady wasn't home so we went to the neighbors' house.  We found a great family who are strong in their church.  We followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and gave them each a copy of the Book of Mormon.  They were very excited and said they would read it.

The highlight of the week is Angela came to church as well as a lot of the less actives we have been working with.

Elections are today.  We will be happy when they are over because the traffic and loud music will decrease.  We haven't been able to wear red, yellow, or green because those are the colors of political parties.

Miracle Story:  We taught our investigator Angela (we love her a lot) the Word of Wisdom.  She said she loved coffee and couldn't give it up (this was last week).  When we went by her on Wednesday for her birthday she said that she decided she wanted to follow the Word of Wisdom and prayed that the temptation would be taken from her.  When she woke up that morning she didn't even want to touch the coffee.  We have checked up on her and she still hasn't had any.  Heavenly Father helped her stop.  That is just one of the miracles we have seen happen to her and her family.

I love this gospel and being a missionary.  It is the greatest thing in the world.


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Earthquake, Bed Bugs And A French Speaking Sister

Good Afternoon,

Our car problems have continued.  We noticed that one of the tires is always low no matter how much air we put in so we went to get if fixed.  It turns out there were four small holes and the air was leaking out.  While it was getting fixed we got stuck with an old car that used to be the Elders and it smelled really bad and made noises every time we turned.  It was bad.  A few days after we got our car back we were getting supplies.  We went to open the didn't open.  Now we have to get into the trunk through the back seat.

We had the opportunity to take care of a Sister from Guadeloupe who will be serving her mission in a different country.  It was an adventure because she only spoke French.  Let's just say we used a lot of hand signals and talked slowly for a few days.  The cool part is we got to sit in while she was set apart.  President Mehr gave the blessing in English while Sister Mehr translated it into French so she could understand.  The spirit was very strong.

One night we came in and planned for the next day (the usual).  As we were getting ready for bed there was a vibrating noise and the house felt like it was moving.  I asked Sister Edmonds "why is our house shaking?" and she said "it's an earthquake get in the doorway!!!"  We stayed there until the shaking stopped.  It was a small earthquake and we were shocked at first but we were laughing about it for the rest of the night.

I love working with Sister Edmonds.  She is a very hard worker and we are getting a lot of work done here in Trinidad.  We put in very full days here in my area.  We begin proselyting at ten and come in at 9:30 at night.  Often we don't get time to sit down and eat (unless people feed us) so we pack our food.  I love it.  I enjoy the hard work because I know that it will pay off.  Through diligence and exact obedience miracles happen.  We are enjoying our time together here in Trinidad doing the Lord's work.  President Mehr said that our combination is strengthening the people here a lot.

It turns out we have bed bugs and we have been getting bit at night.  No worries.  The Monsons came and washed all of our bedding in hot water at their apartment, dried it, and sprayed our furniture.  Our bedding is nice and clean now.

Spiritual experience:  On Friday we were very discouraged because we haven't been able to get members out to lessons no matter what we tried.  Either they would cancel or the investigator would.  We have been trying to get members out with us for weeks.  We had read in the Book of Mormon that day about the power of fasting and prayer and decided that is what we would do.  Starting Saturday at lunch we fasted for member present lessons, member referrals, and a few other things.  That day we had two member present lessons, four other lessons and three less active lessons for a grand total of nine lessons.  I have never taught that many lessons in one day on my mission.  The spirit was very strong in every lesson and it is all because of Heavenly Father.  It was the best day on my mission so far.  Fasting and prayer brings miracles.

Thanks for everything,

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Transfer Week! Staying In Curepe, Trinidad

Good Morning,

Great news.  I am staying in Curepe with Sister Edmonds who has been called as the new Sister Trainer Leader over Trinidad, Tobago, and Grenada.  That means I get to do a lot of exchanges.  Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Sister Lewis yesterday, but she will be serving another mini mission in San Fernando, Trinidad with Sister Herrick.  They will be opening the area for Sisters.

I tried some new food this week and had some favorites.  Of course we had doubles on Saturday from Franco.  I have had Suck-a-bag (like thin ice cream in a bag that you suck out), a lot of roti, trini corned beef, and pig tail.  One of the members is going to start teaching us how to cook.  I also tried peilou (don't know how to spell it) at Franco's house which was delicious.

Funny story:  The same day we had exchanges we also had apartment checks.  The Monsons came over and left like they normally do and we went out to our first appointment.  They were not home so I asked Sister Lewis to call their cell phone.  Sister Lewis said she didn't have the phone.  I checked my bag...I didn't have the phone and neither did Sister Jewell.  We pretty much ran home to find it and looked everywhere.  It wasn't there.  We tore the apartment apart and searched the car... no phone.  Finally we went to the owner of the apartment and asked if we could borrow her phone to call ours.  Guess who answered our phone... the Monsons.  Sister Monson accidentally stole our phone and we didn't have it for the rest of the day because they were doing apartment checks in Port of Spain.  It was funny and led to a crazy day because we couldn't call anyone to remind them or set up appointments for the day.

I hope everyone enjoyed conference.  My favorite talk was the one about spiritual endurance and strengthening your testimony.  One of the best ways to strengthen your testimony is to share it.  In this light I have a request:

Please mail your testimony of the Book of Mormon to me on a piece of paper that I can tape inside a soft cover copy of the Book of Mormon.  It doesn't have to be extravagant, just a simple testimony would be wonderful.  I know that it will help investigators have a greater desire to read from it.

I would also like to remind you of the challenge Elder Ballard extended to all members:  Reach out to one person between now and Christmas and invite them to hear the gospel.  Read the talk again.  It was amazing.

Thanks for everything,

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Suck A Bag
Trini Corned Beef
Eating Trini Corned Beef

Franco the Doubles Man

Sister Lewis, Sister Edmonds, Sister Shirts eating doubles
Sister Edmonds, Sister Lewis, Sister Shirts Watched Conference at the Churck