Monday, October 6, 2014

Thanksgiving in St. Lucia

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  At least it is here.  Today is a holiday so everything is closed.  Everyone goes to the beach on holidays.

I had a great ending to my birthday on Monday.  We went to Kisha's house and they had presents for us.  They gave us each some perfume which was nice.  They have a friend who is a fisherman and he gave them a free giant lobster and they gave us some.  It was delicious.  Free lobster.  Don't get that very often back home.

Elder Vaughn got stung/bit or whatever by a caterpillar thing and his arm got all swollen.  It was oozing fluid and he had to go to the doctor here.  They called us after we got in for the night and they had to borrow the car so they could go.  Fun stuff.

A lot of people gave us fruit and food this week.  Like I always say, West Indians are so kind.  We got lobster from Kisha, pumpkin from a random guy we met, avocado from Kenneth, mangoes, honeydew melon, and pigtail soup from Marla.  The soup was great.

How was conference?  I loved it.  We watched it on a TV at the church.  It was funny because it was on top of the pulpit so it looked like the speakers were here.

I loved how they focused on the changes we need to make to be more Christlike and how we should rethink our priorities.  It was amazing.  I know President Monson is a prophet of God and I am grateful we have twelve apostles that are also here to guide us.  The church is true.

Miracle of the Week:  Kenneth as usual.  He came to Saturday evening conference and both on Sunday.  We called him on Sunday to see if he was coming and he said he was.  We waited and he didn't show up.  He came just in time for President Monson's talk at the end of Sunday Morning.  He had a hard time getting a bus so he was waiting for a long time.  It was a miracle he made it in time to hear the prophet speak.

I love serving here.  Things are going great.  Thanks for all you do.


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Eating lobster eggs

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