Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preach My Gospel, Pancakes and Pythons

Good Morning,

We had a very productive week.  I was in Curepe for a day with Sister Giles for tradeoffs and we tracted the whole day.  It was fun and she got burned.  That day she was wearing a blue shirt so when she was checking her burn line she was red, white, and blue...very patriotic.  We met a lot of great people.  I always enjoy being back in my old area.
Curepe houses in the mountains

Great news:  I learned how to make roti this week.  Sada roti and buss up shut.  I am not very good yet but it takes practice.
Large outdoor cooking pots

Frozen chicken parts

I also saw how to make curry chicken and mango.  I got to try what they call chunks - kind of like tofu.  It was curried so of course it tasted delicious.  They curry everything here.  Good think I like it.  I also tried cashew fruit.  It makes your mouth feel funny and dry.  It was fun to eat.
Cashew with the fruit

I hit my one year mark on Thursday.  It still feels the same.  Missionary work is great.  I have learned so much on my mission:  hard work, obedience, love, knowledge...I have gained a lot.

Brother Patrick came to church on Sunday.  We walked with him again.  His knowledge and understanding has grown so much.  He has a strong desire to go the right way because he has gone down the wrong way and he doesn't want to go back.  He loves the Savior.

We had a great branch fireside on Sunday.  I was all about Preach My Gospel.  We worked closely with President Gould (the Stake President) on it.  It was centered on the talk given in a recent conference about how each family should have a copy of Preach My Gospel and should study it.  We went around to different rooms and taught how members can use it to be great missionaries.  President and Sister Mehr even came and presented as well.  The members really enjoyed it and they are excited.

Miracle of the Week:  Jason.  We have been having a house meeting at a member's home for a few weeks and this kid kept coming.  He is about eleven years old.  We have been going through the different stories in the Book of Mormon and we were talking about Nephi getting the plates.  He asked if it really happened.  We said yes and he could read about it from the Book of Mormon.  He also asked what the Holy Ghost was and if Adam and Eve were real.  We were very surprised by his wonderful questions.  He asked if he could have a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Of course we gave him one with a note in it.  He was very excited to read it.  It is amazing how the spirit can touch everyone.

Thanks for everything.


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House Meeting Pancakes - most people have never had pancakes there.

Eating pancake batter

Feeding the crowd
The District

Favorite Sign
Last week all the Sisters in Trinidad went to the zoo:

Petting a parrot

Holding a python

Giant snake

Funny looking fish

Funny Monkey

Giant shark mouth

His name is Melman (like on the movie Madagascar)


Cute Otters

Cute Monkey


Read the sign and beware

White Tiger

Monday, May 19, 2014

One Year

Good Afternoon,

We started our house meeting blitz and it went very well.  We are teaching a lot of families as a result.  They are a lot of fun to hold and plan for.  We have a short gospel message, an activity and a treat.  They really enjoy it.

We are teaching a wonderful less active family who has invited a good friend of theirs to hear the gospel.  He really wants to get baptized and is willing to learn about what he needs to do.  Last week we watched the Restoration movie and he felt that what we were saying is true.  He has a hard time reading so we are going to help him read from the Book of Mormon.

They are doing a lot of construction work by our apartment so it is really dusty and muddy.  One day we were walking down the road to hunt for a referral and I slipped.  Luckily I caught myself before I fell down but I still splashed mud all over my leg and the bottom of my skirt.  The joys of being a sister missionary :)  We still haven't found the family yet.

Brother Patrick introduced us to frozen mangoes.  They are heavenly.  He got us a mango called a 10 pound mango (or ax mango).  It was huge and delicious.  I am happy mango season is here.  Brother Patrick is good at getting them for us (except when he falls out of the tree).

I can't believe I have been out for almost a year.  May 22 will be my year mark.  Time flies on a mission.

We went to the zoo today for pday.  I took a lot of pictures but I will send them next week because the computer isn't working too well.

Miracle of the week:  The Gerards (what else is new).  Brother Gerard was ordained a priest yesterday, Stephanie is now the Young Women's first counselor and Sister Gerard taught Gospel Principles.  They love sharing the gospel and their testimonies are very strong.  They love learning about the temple and are excited to go next year.

Thanks for everything.  Love you all.


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Monday, May 12, 2014

How Far Are You Willing To Walk To Church?

Good Morning,

I am going to mix it up a little and tell you all day by day how my week was.

Monday:  We found the source of our little black bug problem!  I was cleaning out the pantry and discovered that our rice could move...wait there were little bugs that could move.  There were hundreds of them!  They are gone now.

Tuesday:  We found out that Sister Schindler needed a new police report ASAP so she can get an extension on her work permit.  We drove around all day trying to figure that one out.  We finally got one started.  It takes about a month to do it.  We also said our final goodbyes to the Monsons.  They made it back home to Utah.  We are going to miss them a lot.  They were the best senior couple ever.

Wednesday:  We went to church with an investigator.  It was very interesting.  Since it was Wednesday morning and most people were working we made up half the congregation so it was kind of awkward.  Sister Taufu'i was with us that day.

Thursday:  Weekly planning took us a very long time because we are doing a lot of house meetings.  This is when we gather all the investigators, members, and anyone else who wants to come and meet at a member's home and share the gospel in a fun environment.  We are trying to get at least one a day.

Friday:  Great day.  We are working with a less active family named Arjoons and it was the youngest son's birthday.  We also had some amazing spiritual lessons which was great.

Weekend:  This was the highlight of the week.  We did service for Brother Patrick again and he was very thankful.  We moved a huge pile of dirt.  His mom made us curried eggs and rice.  Sunday was the best day and we got to skype home which was fun.  Sister Gerard gave the talk on Sunday.

Miracle of the week:  Brother Patrick came to church!  We went to his house at 6:45 am and walked three miles to church and three miles home.  It was very worth it.  It was his first time going to church ever and he was very happy he went.

This is Brother Patrick's dog named Fluffy

Thanks for everything.  Love you all and I am grateful for all the support you give.  Thanks for the letters and emails!


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Curry and Fried Fish

Yes, heads included

She NEVER would have eaten this before her mission

Monday, May 5, 2014

Staying In Chaguanas For The Next 6 Weeks

Good Morning,

This will be a pretty short email.  Sorry.

This week was exciting.  Brother Patrick invited us over for Hindu prayers at his uncle's house.  It was a cool experience and I got to eat off a fig leaf with my hands.  The food was great.  They raised two new flags.  Those of you who are familiar with the Hindu religion know what that is.  We eat with our hands most of the time here.  It will be strange going back to using forks.

Transfer Call:  Staying here with Sister Schindler.  We are excited because we work well together and have a lot of fun.

On Monday we went to FHE at the Gopauls and the Gerards came so they could see what it is like.  Sister Gopaul made pealou and we took home some left overs.  One thing I took home was a new "helping hand" (a chicken foot).  I love Trini food.  It is fun.

Once again we were fed a lot of food:  Fried sea fish, rice and pig parts, mangoes (it is mango season again!), mango cochilla, aloo and salt fish, mother in law (kind of like pico do gallo), Shuttai, and squid.

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Patrick has been sober for 8 days.  It is amazing.  He has been struggling with rum for his whole life.  His understanding/comprehension is increasing daily and he is a lot happier.  The word of wisdom brings great blessings.

Happy Mother's day to all the women out there.  Love you all and thanks for all you do.  There is a great bible video of Mary on lds.org.  Here is the link:  https://www.lds.org/bible-videos/videos/mary-the-mother-of-jesus?cid=HPTH050114757&lang=eng.


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