Monday, September 8, 2014

Service Is The Best Way To Soften Hearts

Good Morning,

Transfer week!  We are staying together and we are ready to work.  St. Lucia is awesome.  We are really getting to know the members and we love them a lot.  We have been doing a lot of service for members lately.  We have washed clothes by hand, cleaned houses, and cleaned chicken.  We love it.  Service is the best way to soften hearts.
Quidditch anyone?

President and Sister Mehr were here on Tuesday.  They came to our District Meeting.  I love it when they come because they teach us a lot.  Sister Mehr came out teaching with us for a few hours.  She is so loving and is a great teacher.

Random events of the week:  I played with a fish head puppet and there are tiny spiders everywhere in our apartment.  I am sure I get my protein every day.
Fish head puppet

It was very rainy this week.  We went on a jungle adventure to find an investigator.  That was fun.  We ended up on a dirt road in the mountains and we were in the completely wrong place.

Oh, and I have Chickungunya so that isn't fun.

Miracle of the week:  Jack, Tina, and Trisha.  Jack is still excited for baptism.  His cousin is Tina and Trisha is his sister.  Trisha was baptized but not Tina.  Tina is 15 and has been struggling in the world.  She is very nice and is excited to meet with us.  She really wants to live a good life but needs some direction.  Kisha (her aunt) is also excited for us to work with her.

That is about it for this week.  We are doing great here in St. Lucia.  It is a great island.

Thanks for everything.


Sister Shirts

This is the church building

Beautiful Laborie

Olympic stadium is now a St. Jude's hospital

Upside down stop sign

Sister Shirts washing the car with a mop
Opening a coconut

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