Monday, June 2, 2014

Share Mormon Messages

Good Morning,

We had a very full week.  It was wonderful.  It was Indian Arrival Day on Friday so there was a lot of loud music.  Lots of people were home so we met some cool people to start working with.  We also had to get Sister Schindler's physical done for her work permit.  Our week was also packed full of appointments and we had trade offs so I was in Curepe for a day with Sister Edmonds.  I always enjoy serving in my old area with my old companion.  Just like old times :).  Let's just say I am glad it is P day so I can take a nice nap.

Our apartment has been giving us some fun.  The light in the kitchen is out and we can't reach it to change it, the water heater for the shower is out so we have had cold showers for over two weeks now, they are doing construction so the water turns off randomly, and we had an infestation of maggots one day.  I love it.  No sarcasm...I really do enjoy it.  It is fun.

We got fed some really good food this week.  Shrimp chow mien with some other kind of meat, fry roti, curried duck, curried aloo and chana, and rice.  I also learned how to make dhalpori roti.

We found a cool family named the Ramsooks.  They have two sons and they are very interested in the Book of Mormon.  We had a lesson on the Restoration and gave each of them a copy.  They are excited to read it and we will share more with them this week.  They were comparing it with the Bible while we were there and they said so far so good.

Something that we have found helps us a lot as missionaries is using Mormon Messages as we teach.  They love the visual and the spirit is able to testify of truth as they watch.  Sharing Mormon Messages on Facebook is a great way to share the gospel.

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Sankar.  Brother Sankar was baptized almost a year ago but he had some things to work on after.  He has been doing a great job and on Sunday he passed the Sacrament for the first time.  His smile was so big.  He has had a rough life but he has really turned it around.  I love the power of the Atonement and the opportunity men have to use the Priesthood.

Thanks for everything.  Love you all as always.


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