Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preach My Gospel, Pancakes and Pythons

Good Morning,

We had a very productive week.  I was in Curepe for a day with Sister Giles for tradeoffs and we tracted the whole day.  It was fun and she got burned.  That day she was wearing a blue shirt so when she was checking her burn line she was red, white, and blue...very patriotic.  We met a lot of great people.  I always enjoy being back in my old area.
Curepe houses in the mountains

Great news:  I learned how to make roti this week.  Sada roti and buss up shut.  I am not very good yet but it takes practice.
Large outdoor cooking pots

Frozen chicken parts

I also saw how to make curry chicken and mango.  I got to try what they call chunks - kind of like tofu.  It was curried so of course it tasted delicious.  They curry everything here.  Good think I like it.  I also tried cashew fruit.  It makes your mouth feel funny and dry.  It was fun to eat.
Cashew with the fruit

I hit my one year mark on Thursday.  It still feels the same.  Missionary work is great.  I have learned so much on my mission:  hard work, obedience, love, knowledge...I have gained a lot.

Brother Patrick came to church on Sunday.  We walked with him again.  His knowledge and understanding has grown so much.  He has a strong desire to go the right way because he has gone down the wrong way and he doesn't want to go back.  He loves the Savior.

We had a great branch fireside on Sunday.  I was all about Preach My Gospel.  We worked closely with President Gould (the Stake President) on it.  It was centered on the talk given in a recent conference about how each family should have a copy of Preach My Gospel and should study it.  We went around to different rooms and taught how members can use it to be great missionaries.  President and Sister Mehr even came and presented as well.  The members really enjoyed it and they are excited.

Miracle of the Week:  Jason.  We have been having a house meeting at a member's home for a few weeks and this kid kept coming.  He is about eleven years old.  We have been going through the different stories in the Book of Mormon and we were talking about Nephi getting the plates.  He asked if it really happened.  We said yes and he could read about it from the Book of Mormon.  He also asked what the Holy Ghost was and if Adam and Eve were real.  We were very surprised by his wonderful questions.  He asked if he could have a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Of course we gave him one with a note in it.  He was very excited to read it.  It is amazing how the spirit can touch everyone.

Thanks for everything.


Sister Shirts

House Meeting Pancakes - most people have never had pancakes there.

Eating pancake batter

Feeding the crowd
The District

Favorite Sign
Last week all the Sisters in Trinidad went to the zoo:

Petting a parrot

Holding a python

Giant snake

Funny looking fish

Funny Monkey

Giant shark mouth

His name is Melman (like on the movie Madagascar)


Cute Otters

Cute Monkey


Read the sign and beware

White Tiger

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