Monday, June 9, 2014

Rain, (no) Rum and Repentance

Good Morning Everyone,

We had some great house meetings this week.  We had a Liahona obstacle course and a fun lesson on patience.  For the patience one we watched the "continue in patience" Mormon Message and gave everyone a cookie.  They were told they could eat the cookie now or they could wait until the end and eat more.  The kids loved it.  They were tempting each other and teasing each other.  We had a great turnout.

Rainy season has been..rainy.  And hot.  We walked part way to church on Sunday with Brother Patrick and it poured on us.  We ran until we were finally able to catch a taxi.  We were wet and cold at church.  Sister Schindler and I noticed that we have been turning off the air conditioner when it gets down to the 80's.  And usually we turn the heater on if it gets down below 84.  We are Trinis.  I am going to freeze when I go home in December.

Random Vocab:  Crapo (pronounced crap-o) = frog.  At home when it rains the worms come out - here the frogs come out and they get smashed all over the roads.

As always I had some great food this week.  Geera chicken was amazing.  Mangoes are wonderful and are filling our refrigerator with deliciousness.  Brother Patrick loves making us salt fish.  I think it tastes a lot like bacon.  I also finally tried Souse.  Souse is made of chicken foot, pig heel, and other animal parts I didn't recognize.  They put really good seasoning on it.
Souse is mostly skin and fat

Transfers are coming up and I am excited for whatever happens.  It will be great.

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Patrick finished his No Rum chart!!!  He went 30 days without drinking rum.  He is progressing a lot.  Now we are working on no rum and no cigarettes.  He hasn't missed a day yet.  We taught him about faith, repentance, and baptism this week.  He understood well.  He loves object lessons so we taught him about repentance by putting a rock in his shoe and let him walk around.  We told him repentance is like taking the rock out of the shoe.  He is doing great.  At church someone asked him if he know if this was the right church.  He said "I know I am getting baptized into the right church."

Ice cream celebration with Brother Patrick

That is about it for this week.  Thanks for everything.


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