Monday, June 16, 2014

Staying in Chaguanas

Good Morning,

Transfer Week!!! Surprises this time.  I will be staying in Chaguanas.  Sister Schindler is going to Curepe to serve with Sister Edmonds.  I will be serving with Sister Herrick again.  It will be fun serving with my old companion.  She opened this area for sisters at the beginning of her mission.

I ate chicken gizzard this week.  Sister Deonarinesingh made it for us.  Strangely enough I enjoyed it.  It just tastes like really thick chicken.  I also learned a new word.  They called newspaper "gaza".

We had some great house meetings as usual.  We had a lesson on Nephi building the ship.  We had them bob for apples and make a boat.  Then we watched the "Dare to stand alone" Mormon message and talked about how Nephi had to stand up to his brothers.  We also had a house meeting about charity and love and we watched the Mormon message about bullying.  Then we played if you love me smile.  House meetings are very successful and the spirit is there teaching.  I love Mormon messages.
Nephi apple boats

I noticed that the spirit was very strong in our lessons this week.  We addressed a lot of concerns so we really needed his guidance to discern needs.  It was amazing.

We had a great service project with Brother Patrick.  We helped knock down some old walls in his backyard.  Once we got one down the other tipped right over and almost mashed Brother Patrick.  Surprisingly he has very fast reflexes.  He has gone over 40 days without rum and two weeks without cigarettes.

The Ramsook family is going great.  They love the Book of Mormon.  We left them to read the story of Alma the Younger from Alma 36 and they read three extra chapters.

Miracle of the Week:  We have been trying to have a lesson on temples with the Deonarinesingh family but things keep coming up.  We have been trying to do it this whole transfer.  On Saturday we finally had it and the spirit was very strong.  Brother Deonarinesingh said that nothing is going to stop them from being sealed in the temple.

Thanks for everything you do for me out there.  Love you all a lot.


Sister Shirts

Bridge to get to an investigators house

Dasheen (like a purple potato)

It is mango season!

These are the flies that come out when it rains

Superman's car?

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