Monday, June 30, 2014

"Great Week With A Lot Of Contacting"

Good Morning,

We had a pretty normal week.  We got our great companion picture at a member's house.  Elder Garner took the picture right when the parrot we were standing by tried to eat Sister Herrick so she has a great facial expression.  It will go on the fridge with the other companionship pictures.

We had a great week with a lot of contacting.  We have been trying to build the teaching pool so we started using creative ways to start conversations with people.  One day we were walking and a random guy came up and gave us each a banana and left before we could talk to him.  We ate the banana and then asked someone if we could throw our peel away in their rubbish bin and asked if they had ever met with missionaries before.  We ended up having a great plan of salvation lesson and invited her to pray about being baptized.  Effective contacting :).

We had a fun house meeting where we acted out Alma 36.  We had a volunteer (one of the Deonarinesingh boys) take the role of Alma the Younger.  We put salt on his tongue (bitterness), blindfolded him (darkness), tied his hands (couldn't move limbs) and spun him in circles (lost in darkness).  Then we had him sit there while we talked about how Alma felt and why.  Then we took all that stuff off and gave him a cookie to represent joy and invited him to share the rest of the cookies with everyone else.  It was great.  We taught the steps of repentance.

We had a great service project with Brother Patrick.  We are still helping him get his backyard cleaned up.  On Saturday we helped knock down another wall and he is getting ready to put some cement down.  It is coming along great.

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Patrick is almost ready for baptism.  He just needs to come to church three times on his own.  We made him a church chart like a game board where when he comes he gets to move the piece forward a space but when he misses it goes backwards.  He said he would not miss a week.  We got to church and a few minutes later he came.  He is amazing.  He does what he says he will do.

Thanks for everything.


Sister Shirts

Doo doo mango (left) 10 pound mango (right)

Phlorie (fried yummy stuff)

How did this happen?  Just trying to make popcorn

Dead snake in the road
Is that a safe way to open a bottle of sweet drink?

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