Monday, June 23, 2014

Great Lessons And Great People

Good Morning,

I had a great transfer week.  It was sad to see Sister Schindler leave, but I am excited to work with Sister Herrick again.  She loves being back in her first area again.

I tried some... interesting food.  I had tomato bhaiggan choka which was delicious.  I also tried manicoo (possum).  A member of the branch shot it Saturday night in his yard and he cooked it for us on Sunday.  It tasted like curry.  I also tried curried rabbit.
Pork, tomato bhaiggan choka, sada roti

We are working with a mother and daughter who are preparing to be baptized.  They are excited to learn about everything and really want to join the church and follow Christ.  They love the Book of Mormon.  Brother Patrick is doing great too.  He is still learning and coming to church.

Favorite lesson of the week:  We had our Friday Book of Mormon house meeting about Abinadi and King Noah.  We told the first part of the story and had everyone draw a picture of King Noah.  Then we taught the 10 commandments using Mosiah 13 with the hand signals and we all wrote down a commandment that is hard for us to keep.  Then we burned the pictures of King Noah.  It was a lot of fun and the spirit was pretty strong during the burning part.  Leaving our past behind to start new.

Miracle of the Week:  Deonarinesingh family.  We had a great lesson on the Priesthood because there are four boys who are priesthood age.  We watched a Mormon Message about how we need young men to fulfill their duty.  Their dad talked about how he wants each of them to serve a mission so they can become the great young men he knows they can be.  The spirit was very strong.  At the end of the lesson the dad pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put them on the ground.  He said that he is done smoking and he never wants to see them again.  We talked about the Anti-Nephi Lehis and how they buried their weapons of rebellion.  He told the boys to dig a hole quick and they did.  He buried his cigarettes and he is going to put the money he would have spent everyday on cigarettes in a temple jar so they can go to the temple.  The spirit was very strong.

Thanks for everything you do out there.  I appreciate all the prayers and words of encouragement.

Sister Shirts

Fruit loop cake invention by an investigator
Cool caterpillar

Yeah!  New toothbrush

Fixing the Sisters flat tire

Pretty flower

Attending Hindu prayers:

Stirring the big pot


Notice there are no forks or spoons?

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