Monday, May 5, 2014

Staying In Chaguanas For The Next 6 Weeks

Good Morning,

This will be a pretty short email.  Sorry.

This week was exciting.  Brother Patrick invited us over for Hindu prayers at his uncle's house.  It was a cool experience and I got to eat off a fig leaf with my hands.  The food was great.  They raised two new flags.  Those of you who are familiar with the Hindu religion know what that is.  We eat with our hands most of the time here.  It will be strange going back to using forks.

Transfer Call:  Staying here with Sister Schindler.  We are excited because we work well together and have a lot of fun.

On Monday we went to FHE at the Gopauls and the Gerards came so they could see what it is like.  Sister Gopaul made pealou and we took home some left overs.  One thing I took home was a new "helping hand" (a chicken foot).  I love Trini food.  It is fun.

Once again we were fed a lot of food:  Fried sea fish, rice and pig parts, mangoes (it is mango season again!), mango cochilla, aloo and salt fish, mother in law (kind of like pico do gallo), Shuttai, and squid.

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Patrick has been sober for 8 days.  It is amazing.  He has been struggling with rum for his whole life.  His understanding/comprehension is increasing daily and he is a lot happier.  The word of wisdom brings great blessings.

Happy Mother's day to all the women out there.  Love you all and thanks for all you do.  There is a great bible video of Mary on  Here is the link:


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