Monday, May 12, 2014

How Far Are You Willing To Walk To Church?

Good Morning,

I am going to mix it up a little and tell you all day by day how my week was.

Monday:  We found the source of our little black bug problem!  I was cleaning out the pantry and discovered that our rice could move...wait there were little bugs that could move.  There were hundreds of them!  They are gone now.

Tuesday:  We found out that Sister Schindler needed a new police report ASAP so she can get an extension on her work permit.  We drove around all day trying to figure that one out.  We finally got one started.  It takes about a month to do it.  We also said our final goodbyes to the Monsons.  They made it back home to Utah.  We are going to miss them a lot.  They were the best senior couple ever.

Wednesday:  We went to church with an investigator.  It was very interesting.  Since it was Wednesday morning and most people were working we made up half the congregation so it was kind of awkward.  Sister Taufu'i was with us that day.

Thursday:  Weekly planning took us a very long time because we are doing a lot of house meetings.  This is when we gather all the investigators, members, and anyone else who wants to come and meet at a member's home and share the gospel in a fun environment.  We are trying to get at least one a day.

Friday:  Great day.  We are working with a less active family named Arjoons and it was the youngest son's birthday.  We also had some amazing spiritual lessons which was great.

Weekend:  This was the highlight of the week.  We did service for Brother Patrick again and he was very thankful.  We moved a huge pile of dirt.  His mom made us curried eggs and rice.  Sunday was the best day and we got to skype home which was fun.  Sister Gerard gave the talk on Sunday.

Miracle of the week:  Brother Patrick came to church!  We went to his house at 6:45 am and walked three miles to church and three miles home.  It was very worth it.  It was his first time going to church ever and he was very happy he went.

This is Brother Patrick's dog named Fluffy

Thanks for everything.  Love you all and I am grateful for all the support you give.  Thanks for the letters and emails!


Sister Shirts

Curry and Fried Fish

Yes, heads included

She NEVER would have eaten this before her mission

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