Monday, April 28, 2014

"Spoiled With Many Amazing Miracles"

Good Morning,

Today I will start off with the long list of delicious food we were fed this week:  Rice, homemade chow mein, rice, calalloo, polish dogs (trini style), rice, Bhaigghan, curry mango, rice, coconut chutney, bodi, rice, and trini scrambled eggs on a hot dog bun.  Delicious food that we were very grateful for.
Coconut Chutney

Bodi (very slimy)

Trini Sunday Lunch

Curry Mango

Now that I got that part out of the way it is time for a story:  We went over to a less active's house to have a lesson.  We got there and they said "it will be a few minutes.  Something just came up and it is an emergency."  We got really worried because it sounded like someone was hurt or died.  We sat down outside and waited.  Then we heard someone yell "it is under the stove.  Let's just take the whole thing and put it outside and get it."  We asked if we could help.  It turns out they were trying to get a mouse out of their house and they were trying to come up with a strategy of how to get it out.  In the end Sister Schindler and I sat with our legs out to block the mouse from running in the wrong direction.  They got a broom and pushed the mouse outside.  Then the mom yelled really loud and beat the mouse to death with a broom.  That is how they do it here in Trinidad :)

Elder Petersen started teaching piano lessons at the church on Thursdays.  It is going well and less actives, investigators, and active members come.  It is a great way to share the gospel in a way that helps people learn new things.

Church was wonderful.  We had over sixty people there.  A lot of less active families came.  The Deonarinesingh family we have been working with came.  We had a very spirit led discussion on the Sacrament and the Atonement and when we committed them to come to church Brother Deonarinesingh immediately said yes.

This week we were spoiled with many amazing miracles so I narrowed it down to two.  #1 Brother Thomas has been very nervous about receiving the priesthood.  We had a lesson with him about how it is an opportunity to learn and progress to becoming like God.  He seemed more comfortable and...on Sunday he was ordained to the office of Priest.  #2  The Gerard family were baptized and confirmed.  All five of them as a family.  It was the most spiritual baptism I have been to on my mission.  The testimonies shared were focused on the temple.  That is their goal.  An entire family getting baptized at the same time is very unusual here.  It was the first one most people had seen.  It was a really cool experience and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them.

Thanks for everything.

Sister Shirts

This is how to kill cockroaches

Trini gas station

Count the toes

Cool Spiderman truck

burnt "planning" popcorn

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