Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Companion

Good Afternoon,

This week was amazing.  Full of changes and progress.  The last few days with Sister Taufu'i and Sister Rampersad were wonderful.  I am going to miss them a lot.  They will do great things in their new areas.

Sister Hendricks and I are getting along well.  She loves to read and write.  She wants to be an author when she "grows up".  She is having a hard time picking up on the Trini accent and slang.  She says they talk really fast here and are hard to understand.  I remember that I had a hard time when I first came here.

Our investigators are doing great.  We are working with a couple who really want to be baptized but can't because they have to go to Guyana to get divorced and they can't afford to.  We set a baptism date with them in May and they are doing well.  They are expecting a miracle as this is the day they prayed about.  God will provide a way.  Brother Patrick (the man that hunts caiman)  is doing well.  We caught him drinking rum the other day and he tried to hide from us.  We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he said he isn't going to drink any more.  We are also working with the Gerrard family still and they are progressing a lot.

People fed us a lot this week.  I got to eat homemade chow mien, rice, stewed chicken, aloo pie, and a thing made of cornmeal and raisins wrapped in a fig leaf (picture below).  All very good.

For April Fool's day the Zone leaders played a joke and said that the mission has grown so much that they were splitting it into three:  Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Islands.  We all believed him.

Miracle of the Week:  We had two less actives come to church that we have been working with since I got to this area.  Sister Taufu'i had been working with them as well.  They hadn't come for at least nine months.  They really enjoyed it and are excited to come to General Conference.  We have been teaching a lot of people about the importance of coming and listening to the Prophet.  Great things are happening.

It has been a while since I shared my testimony so here it is:  I know God lives and is there for each one of us.  I know the only way to make it back to live with him and our families forever is through His son, Jesus Christ.  I know President Monson is a prophet and that listening to him and the other speakers will bring blessings and answers.  They are called of God.

Thanks for everything.  Love all of you.


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