Monday, April 14, 2014

"Nothing Happens By Chance"

Good Morning,

To start off the week we went by the Monsons and had a delicious lunch cooked by Sister Monson.  Then she cut my hair.  They are leaving soon and I am going to miss them a lot.  They are wonderful.  Later that day we got the wonderful news that I will be staying with sister Schindler.  She is 22 years old and from Washington.  We work very well together.

I have tried a few new things to eat.  I had Mook (what we call muscle in the States) that was curried so of course it was delicious.  A member made it for us as well as stewed chicken and sada roti.  I also finally tried coconut water from a coconut and the jelly.  It is about time!  The Gerards gave it to me because I wasn't feeling well and coconut water is the cure all here.

Zone Conference was great.  We got to sing "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" for the musical number.  We were combined with south zone so I got to see Sister Taufu'i.  We learned a lot about justice and mercy and how it relates to why we need to be diligent as missionaries.  The spirit was very strong as always.

The Gerard family is preparing for baptism pretty soon.  They all came to church on Sunday and have testimonies.  They really want to go to the temple and be sealed together.

Miracle of the Week:  On Friday our interviews with President Mehr got rescheduled to a later time so we had to shift our schedule to fit it.  Then we got a call later that day saying that he was ahead of schedule so we needed to rush over to get there in time.  Interviews went well and we headed back to our area.  We had some empty space in our schedule because that is where our interview was supposed to be.  We had some people we wanted to check so we started heading over.  The Curepe Sisters sent us a text telling us to call some lady ASAP.  We did and she said her name was Geeta and she was from Guyana.  She wanted to come to church.  I tried to explain how to get there but she doesn't know Chaguanas so I asked where she lived so we could set up an appointment with her.  By some miracle she lived five minutes away from where we were at the time so we headed over.  It turns out she is a member of the church and has been trying to find it for a year.  She was in tears when she saw us and thanked us for coming.  We traveled with her to church yesterday and she had a wonderful experience.  Nothing happens by chance.

Thanks for everything.  I really appreciate all the letters and emails and support.


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Found another doubles man to teach!  Yum!

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