Monday, April 7, 2014

Thoughts About General Conference

Good Morning,

To start off the week we got a "new" car.  It looks just like the old one except it has less problems.  Missionaries have a tradition of naming our cars.  I named this one Mink.  It is the first word/name that came to my mind and it stuck.

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference.  It was hard to pick a favorite talk but right now my favorite is Elder Scott's talk on helping people with their conversion.  I liked it because as a missionary it is what we do every day.  I also like Elder Ballard's talk.  Once again he has raised the bar of member missionary work:  One person every quarter of the year to meet with the missionaries.  I am excited to help the members with this new challenge and to do it when I get home.

We just had that wonderful General Conference and now on Thursday we get to have a great Zone Conference.  I am excited to learn from the leaders of the mission and be enlightened even more.  It will be great.

Guess what?  I have a new companion again.  Sister Hendricks was needed in Grande so now I am with Sister Schindler.  It is exciting.  I am going to miss Sister Hendricks but I really like Sister Schindler.  We are going to do great things together.

This week we got to do service for a less active family named the Hustons.  I have talked about them before but just in case you forgot they are from Guyana.  We helped in the garden and they told us stories about their garden back home.  One of them involved a tiger that lived near their home so they had to move.  It was fun to get to know them more.

Working in the garden with a cutlass

Miracle of the Week:  Brother Thomas (Fred) had a great experience at conference.  He came on Sunday because he was working Saturday.  The video wasn't working because the internet connection was bad but we listened to it.  He said he could tell when the Prophet was speaking because he sounded more spiritual and he felt the spirit even more.  He is learning very quickly.  He loves being a member of the church.

Thanks for everything.  Love you all.


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Mook (muscle), dahl, rice

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