Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Challenge Reminder

Good Morning,

Transfer week was crazy as usual.  We had sisters in and out all week.  It was fun though and we love taking care of them.  We had a brand new sister stay with us names Sister Tia.  She is from California.  We got to tell her stories about the wonderful (and strange) things we have experienced and we treated her to doubles.  I don't think she liked them very much but I sure did.

Sister Edmonds and I are having wonderful experiences as usual.  We love working together and we are working hard.  She is a great missionary, teacher, example, and she keeps me up and going.  We have had some amazing spiritual experiences together.  We have also gone through a lot of trials and testing as we help our area progress (as all missionaries do) but we have both grown a lot spiritually because of it.  We continue to get along very well.  We also have a lot of fun together as we share our message of happiness with others.  We even laugh when we are drenched in rain or get splashed or have to wade through giant puddles...we love missionary work a lot:)

We have a great opportunity today to go caroling.  All the missionaries in Trinidad are going to the city to testify of Christ through song.  It will be a really cool experience because there are a lot of missionaries in Trinidad.  After we are all going to the mission home for our Thanksgiving dinner.

We found a lot of new people to teach this week.  Sharing the gospel is wonderful.  Speaking of sharing the gospel - how is the Christmas Challenge?  For those who may not know (or remember), there was a challenge given in General Conference to find one person to share the gospel with before Christmas.  The deadline is coming up so I hope you have been looking for someone.  It doesn't have to be anything scary.  Some ideas are giving them a pass along card with the phone number of the missionaries, inviting them over for dinner with the missionaries, inviting them over for family home evening, inviting them over to watch a movie about Christ, inviting them to church...the possibilities are endless.  No excuses.  I can promise that as you do the challenge many blessings will come because you will be doing the Lord's work.  Keep up the search for your brothers and sisters who need to learn about the Savior so they can have the same happiness you have.

Miracle of the Week:  We have a 24 year old less active we are working with.  We went to her house to see her cousin but she wasn't there.  The less active had just returned from work (she works shift and got called in so she couldn't come to church).  We had planned to watch Finding Faith in Christ with her cousin but the Spirit told us to watch it with her instead.  The Spirit was very strong during the movie and after we were able to bear powerful testimony of the Savior and the power that faith in Him brings.  The spirit taught her during the experience and we will be fasting with her this week.  The Holy Ghost is amazing.  We didn't have to say much because He told her what she needed to do.

Thanks for all the support and prayers.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sister Shirts. My good news is my granddaughter Sadie is putting in her mission papers. Thank u for the great example.