Monday, November 18, 2013

Zone Conference and Two Baptism Dates Set

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Transfer calls this week...I am staying in my area with Sister Edmonds again.  We are both really excited to keep working together.  She is such a hard worker and we have the same goals for our area and our missions.  We have a lot of similar strengths which turn into our super strengths as we use them together.  We love working together and we get along well.  We are able to teach in unity and the spirit is very strong when we follow the promptings.  We love being missionaries in Trinidad.

We had a wonderful Zone conference.  We talked a lot about aligning our will with the will of Heavenly Father.  If we have the desire to serve God we are called to the work just like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4.  As we have that desire we can work miracles here in the West Indies and the work will continue to go forth.  It cannot be stopped because it is the work of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  A few weeks ago we were asked to memorize 10 or more consecutive scriptures from the book of Mormon to recite to President Mehr in our interview.  I memorized 3 Nephi 11:1-11.  It was amazing and the spirit was strong when I recited it.  There is power in the Book of Mormon.  President said that one of the reasons he had us memorize the scriptures was because those scriptures become a part of us.  It is true and it is a great experience when it happens.

We also had a great District meeting where we talked about making effective plans for each day and week.  We talked about how every time we plan it is like we are having a war council because we are fighting a war in a sense.  A battle against Satan and the world.  As we plan each day with inspiration from God our days are how he wants them and miracles are able to happen.  Sister Edmonds and I saw that on Saturday.  Heavenly Father blessed us with another nine lesson day along with a lot of contacts.  It is amazing how if we follow the will of the Lord the work progresses on such a higher level.  We are more in tune with the spirit if we do his work and not ours.

I tried some new weird foods that I can't remember their names but for lunch today Sister Edmonds and I had Dhal Roti and Buss Up Shut with goat and chicken.  It was really good.

Miracle of the Week:  We have been working with a less active's family.  We went over on Saturday to have a lesson but things were crazy (there are like 20 people living in the same small house) so we felt like we should just watch the short Restoration movie.  We started the movie with about eight people in the room.  By the end there was only one left (one of the family members we had been working with).  During the movie I felt like we should invite her to be baptized on a specific day and I had no idea why.  I looked at my planner at the day Sister Edmonds and I had discussed during weekly planning.  After the movie was done we asked her how she liked it.  She said that she just received her answer about Joseph Smith while watching the move.  The Holy Ghost was able to testify to her that Joseph Smith restored the church.  We were able to set a baptism date with her.  She was so excited.  She is 19 and has a son.  She loves reading from the Book of Mormon.

It didn't end there.  We met with another member of the family a few hours later and she has progressed a lot too.  She loves learning from the Book of Mormon and because she has felt the spirit during her lesson, she now has a baptism date as well.  Heavenly Father blessed us a lot on Saturday.

Thanks for all your support.  I love serving here in Trinidad and I am excited to serve her for another transfer.


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  1. Hi Sister Shirts,
    I love reading your blog, but I especially love the Miracle of the Week. It makes me happy that you are able to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love you, Aunt Jill