Monday, November 4, 2013

A Short Trip To The Beautiful Island Granada And A Fast Sunday Miracle

Happy Halloween and Divali everyone.  I spent part of the week in Grenada.  It was beautiful.  We ended up spending most of Halloween at the airport because our flight was delayed.  While in Grenada I spent most of the time walking because there was one car for two companionships.  Sister Edmonds got the car but that's okay because I love walking.  It was up and down hills and was almost like a hike most of the time.  It was a lot of fun.  There are a lot of white people in Grenada because they have a medical school.  This week I get to go to Sangre Grande, Trinidad again and ride a bike with Sister Grigg.  Should be fun.

Divali was exciting.  There were fireworks and explosions all night.  People put up Christmas lights and lit candles to celebrate/worship.  It was pretty.  We were only there for part of the day because of our delayed flight back into Trinidad (again).  We got to try some Indian sweets on Sunday (we didn't eat it on Saturday because we were fasting).  It was some bread stuff with some fruit in it.  I don't know what it was but it tasted good.  I try everything and most of the time I love it.

Today we went for a hike to the Maracas Waterfalls with the zone.  It was short but beautiful.  There wasn't much water because it hasn't rained in a few days but it was still nice.

Not a good tree for climbing

Miracle of the week:  On Sunday morning we called our investigators and less actives to remind them to get up and come to church.  Both of our "solid" investigators said they couldn't come.  Angela said she couldn't come because she had to go to market to get food.  We reminded her of the miracles she had seen and promised her blessings.  She said she wouldn't be able to come.  We went to church slightly disappointed.  We had worked so hard to help people and they still didn't want to show their faith.  We sat down and did the usual.  After the Sacrament, Sister Edmonds poked me and said "guess who is here?"  I looked and it was Angela and her son.  We had the biggest grins on our faces the rest of the meeting.  Not only that but we had several less actives come and bear their testimonies.  It was a great fast Sunday.  After the meeting she said that she had gotten ready to go when her mother-in-law, who had been giving her a hard time about meeting with us, told her that she would go to market so Angela could come to church.  Fasting brings miracles.

Thanks for everything,

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Night driving in Trinidad

Pictures from Grenada

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  1. Love the letters. What a strong spirit while reading her letters. Thnx for sharing!