Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy Week

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This week in district meeting we were given the challenge of contacting as many people as we could.  It was fun.  I was with Sister Lewis for a day and she loves contacting.  We talked to almost everyone we saw.

This week was a week of exchanges.  We had three.  Sister Edmonds went to San Fernando and I went to Chaguanas and Sangre Grande.  No tradeoffs this week though.  We get a break for zone conference.  It was nice spending time with Sister Lewis, Sister Jex, and Sister Grigg.  Like I said before, the best part of being the Sister Training Leader's companion is I get to go places and learn from a lot of sisters.  While I love it, three exchanges is a lot and Sister Edmonds and I were exhausted after.  It will be nice to have a semi normal week.

We contacted an ice cream man a few days ago.  We were heading to his appointment and guess who we saw pushing his was him.  He wasn't even home.  We stopped and bought some of his over priced, freezer burned ice cream sandwiches (which didn't taste that great).  Then he missed his next appointment.  We will try again of course but we won't be buying his ice cream again.

We got to help France (doubles man) paint his gate.  We have been trying for weeks but it is always raining.  We finally had a day when it wasn't raining and we booked it over so we could at least get started.  We had to chip the paint away with a giant knife and I got a few lovely blisters on my hands.  Then we painted and got paint all over our hands and feet.  It was fun.  Franco repaid us with some pig tail soup (very good as usual).  Franco always makes good food, no matter what animal parts it contains.

Miracle of the week:  We had an amazing family home evening lesson with a family.  the mom is less active so we have been trying to get her to come back to church.  We watched the "He is Risen" bible video and read from 3 Nephi 11.  The spirit was strong and He was able to teach each one of us something.  We were all taught different things and were given guidance on what we can do better.  It was wonderful.

That's about it for this week.  Thanks for all the support and I am working hard.


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Pretty drive we went on when we got lost in the mountain for about 20 minutes. It was nice though.

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