Monday, November 3, 2014

Divide And Conquer

Good Morning,

This will be a short email because the internet is very slow today.  Sorry.

We had a great week as always.  Having Sister Worthington with us has been a lot of fun and we are able to work more effectively.  It is easy to go on splits now because if we can get a member to come out with us we can divide and conquer.

We have great news.  There is a family in our area who is going to the temple this month.  It is exciting.  They are going to be sealed.  It is a mom, dad, and two daughters.  We love working with them.  They are awesome.  The Book of Mormon class we were teaching is going great too.  We had a good turnout last week and we are excited for this week.  It is a great opportunity for members to get to know the Book of Mormon more because most of them have never finished it.  Kim (from peace corps) is also starting a literacy class to help the members who can't read well.

On Saturday we had the Day of Service.  We went to the beach and cleaned up where they do the baptisms and the pathway.  It was disgusting but it looked great when we were done.  People just drop their garbage on the side of the dirt path.  It took us a few hours.  After the service project the Elders had a baptism.  It was nice and clean.  The funny part of the story is as we were walking back to the church after the baptism a truck came by and dumped a bunch of garbage where we had just cleaned.  It was a nice thought :)

This week was my last fast Sunday.  It was nice to hear all the testimonies of the branch.  Jack shared his testimony too.

Miracle of the Week:  Zac and Stephan.  We are still doing mission preparation with them and the Hippolyte family (the ones going to the temple) have joined us in the lessons.  On Sunday, Stephan said the opening prayer and shared his testimony.  He talked about how reading the Book of Mormon has changed his life.

Thanks for everything.

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Day of Service

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