Monday, November 24, 2014

A Few Days In Barbados

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are celebrating it today with all the St. Lucia missionaries.  I will take pictures.

And I thought last week was crazy.  I was in Barbados this week.  I left on Tuesday and came home on Friday.  Each day I worked with a different companionship of sisters.  There are three.  Hopefully it helped them.  It is always fun learning from other sisters.  I got to eat some doubles while I was there.  There is a lady from Trinidad who sells.  We went a few times when I was serving in Barbados.  I love doubles.  The sisters are doing well.  I love them a lot.

It is nice to be back in my area.  I love St. Lucia.  I love the people in my area.  I missed Sister Worthington and Sister Hodge.  They are great friends.  I am going to miss all of this when I go home.  My mission is almost done.

Funny story:  We got home one night and Sister Hodge said "don't come in the kitchen!"  I went over to see what was wrong and on the floor was a giant spider like the one that was in our car.  Sister Worthington panicked and jumped up to the counter and Sister Hodge ran away.  She had the idea to use the mouse trap.  I got the mouse trap and slapped it on the spider.  I made Sister Worthington pick it up.  It was still alive and the legs were moving.  It was disgusting but funny:)

Miracle of the Week:  We taught Kisha's family about modesty and they loved it.  Modesty is not part of the culture here at all.  Kisha and her daughter Trisha committed to be modest and they came to church looking very modest.  It was great.  It is nice when people are excited to follow the counsel of the prophet.

Thanks for everything.  Missionary work is great!


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