Monday, November 10, 2014

When Plan E Turns Into The Miracle Of The Week

This week was full of crazy adventures.  On Tuesday all the trainers, zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders in the mission had a skype meeting with President Mehr.  It was fun to see the missionaries from the different islands.  We learned about how we can help new missionaries.  I got some new food experiences and renewed some old ones.  Marla taught us how to make bakes, George gave us guava and a lobster, a nice couple gave us sea moss tea, and I had pigtail again.  I love the food here.

We had a great week with the Book of Mormon.  We placed 13 copies this week.  There are a lot of Catholics who are excited about it.  Our Book of Mormon class this week was about Lehi's vision of the tree of life.  We made an "iron rod" and blindfolded everyone and let them experience it.  They really enjoyed it and they had a spiritual experience.  Kim helped us out a lot.

Miracle of the Week:  Joanna.  We had a rough day when all our appointments fell through.  We went to follow up on someone we used to teach and he wasn't home so we headed back to the car to try plan E.  While we were walking we walked past a house where a young mother was sitting outside on the porch with her son.  We went up to talk to her and she started crying.  It turns out she was on her way home to England from her vacation in Grenada with her young son and they got kicked off the airplane.  They had never been to St. Lucia before and had no money or a phone.  Luckily a nice lady took her home an that is where we met her.  We listened to her talk and she cried and then said she felt a lot better.  We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon.  She said she wasn't religious at all but by the time we left she said she would read.  It was nice to be a guardian angel for a little bit.  It was a cool experience.

Thanks for everything.  Things are great here.


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