Monday, January 27, 2014

"The Work Is Exploding"

Good Morning,

Another crazy week.  Spent some time in my old area because Sister Jex went home for medical reasons and Sister Edmonds needed a companion.  We were in a trio for a few days and we worked both areas.  It was fun but hard because we had a lot of people to see and not a lot of time.  Amazingly enough we had the best week as far as numbers.  We taught more lessons in our area this week than I have on my mission.  That isn't counting the lessons we taught in Sister Edmonds area.  Heavenly Father provided a way for us to still teach everyone we needed to in half the amount of time.  Pretty amazing.

It was nice to work with Sister Edmonds again and catch up.  We stayed in her apartment for a few nights.  I got to teach some of the people we had been teaching before and see their progress.  Her new temp is Danielle, the less active we found and were working with.  She has been doing so good.  She has come to church every week since my last week.  She will do wonderful things and I am excited for her to have the missionary experience.  The Curepe Sisters are doing great.

The work is exploding in Chaguanas.  We found a lot of families to teach and we have several people preparing for baptism in February.  In this area there are a lot of Hindus.  They are willing to listen to anyone.  This is both wonderful and hard.  The best part about it is I get to be a part of teaching them for the first time about Jesus Christ.  Most of them don't know very much about him and it is an honor to share my testimony with them.

Miracle of the week:  Sister Jex was with me on trade offs on Tuesday.  We went to contact a referral and a guy called us over and said that he wanted to talk to us.  We went up and he told us to sit down.  We asked if we could say a prayer before we started and he said no and pointed to his chair.  He had been drinking.  He said he wanted to change his life and find a wife to help him.  We told him we didn't have a wife for him but we did have the way to change and it is through the Savior.  He said okay and we asked him if he was ready to start by giving up rum.  He said yes and he gave me the bottle.  I said okay and went to dump it out.  He really wanted one more drink but he didn't and I poured out the rum.  Since that day he hasn't had anything to drink.  We saw him again on Saturday and he is now preparing for baptism.  The Lord is able to work miracles if we do our part.

As always thanks and I love you all.

Shout out to Sister Jex:  You are amazing.  Feel better.  We are praying for you.


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