Monday, February 3, 2014

A Great Week!

Good Afternoon,

To start it off I have some more Trini slang for you:

Ent? = Right?  They will say something and add it at the end.  For example:  You drive the blue car, ent?

XYX = and so on

Right straight through = keep going straight

When you ask how they are doing, often they will say "just cool"

We have been running at a park near our apartment.  We go at least three times a week.  It is a great way to start the day.  My running shoes are getting put to good use.  I love running.

The weather has been nice.  I have actually been getting cold.  I am going to freeze when I get home in December,  I can't even handle the A/C being on.

The branch has started doing a fun night every Friday.  We had a great turn out.  We were in charge of the game.  We played a fun trivia game and everyone enjoyed it.  After we had some delicious Trini snacks.  They love their crackers and tuna here.

I love working with Sister Taufu'i.  Great things are happening in our area.  We have a lot of people preparing for baptism and we found even more people this last week.  We are working with members to get referrals because it helps us a lot.  We are also doing a lot of less active work.  The branch has already seen a lot of growth this year.  We had 53 people at church yesterday.  The branch is doing such a great job with their missionary work.

Miracle of the week:  On Friday we went over the baptism interview questions with Fred and focused on the Sabbath day because he hadn't been to church yet.  We had been trying to get him to go for a long time but he always said he wasn't ready to take that step yet.  We called him on Sunday morning and he was already up getting ready to come.  He actually beat us to church.  He answered a lot of the questions in Sunday School and the Stake President was very impressed with him.  In Priesthood they talked about Lehi's dream (Fred's favorite part of the Book of Mormon) and Fred answered almost all of the questions.  He is doing so good.  He really enjoyed church.  He is still working towards baptism.

Fast Sunday was wonderful.  I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have a plan for each of us and that if we do our part we can have all the blessings they have waiting.  They are always there and ready to help if we let them.  Through Christ we can all make it back to live with god as we use His Atonement.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father.

Thanks for all the letters you send.  I love getting them.

Thanks for everything.  You are all great.


Sister Shirts

Those aren't logs swimming in the water.  This is just down the street from where Sister Shirts lives. Caiman are similar to alligators.

This is what they found when they got lost going to a funeral.
This is the largest statue of a Hindu god outside of India.  It stands 85 feet high.  Trinidad has the largest Hindu community outside of India.

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple

Pday was spent going to Maracas Beach

These are the missionaries in her zone.

Sister Taufu'i and Sister Shirts 

Of course you can't go to the beach in the West Indies without having a nametag in the sand picture. 

This is bake and shark.  There are huts along the beach where you can get this fried shark treat.  The last time Sister Shirts tried it was before she had her gallbladder surgery so after eating it she was in pain for days.  This time she enjoyed every single bite.

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