Monday, January 20, 2014

Adventures in Trinidad

Hello Everyone,

We had a great week.  We have a lot of good people we are working with.

This week we ran into a guy who had an alligator thing nailed to his window.  It was very random and I had to take a picture.

I asked where he got it and he said he catches them in a river not too far from where we stay.  I will have to be careful when we are walking in the bush so I don't get eaten.  Good thing we are not allowed to go swimming.

We had quite the adventure this week.  Sister Taufu'i had to fly out to Grenada to start her 90 days over so she could get her license stuff started.  I spent the day with Sister Jex and Sister Edmonds until the tradeoff she was doing.  Then Sister Edmonds left and Sister Herrick was with us.  We had a great morning with some very spiritual experiences.  Then it was time to pick Sister Taufu'i up.  We drove to the airport and waited for a while.  Then she came out with an airport official.  She needed to pay a fine to get into the country and she didn't have the money.  She had to wait at the airport while we ran back to the Sister's apartment and got the money to get her out.  I am glad it wasn't me who got stuck.

Miracle of the week:  We are still working with Fred and Bobby.  We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation this week.  It was amazing and the spirit was very strong.  Each was taught what they needed to know.  I am amazed at how open they are to learning and praying.  Fred has already read up to 1 Nephi 13 and he loves the Book of Mormon.  He is progressing a lot.  Bobby has a strong desire to follow Christ.  This is his first real experience with coming closer to Him and he loves the spirit he feels.  He said it makes his heart cry for joy.

Thanks for everything you do.  Sorry it is so short this week.  Love you all.


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