Monday, January 6, 2014

Chaguanas, Trinidad

Good Morning Everyone,

I had a lot of adventures this week.  We had three brand new sisters with us for a few days so we went on splits.  Sister Edmonds and I split them up and took them out with us.  It was fun to show them how we do missionary work in the West Indies.  I took them on a little mountain adventure trying to find a guy we met on the street.  It turns out he lives in a very humble shack in the mountains, but he loves it and is glad he has a place to live.  He was very grateful for the Book of Mormon we brought him.

They celebrate New Years' here pretty much the same as in the States.  Fireworks and music.  The difference is instead of calling it New Years' Eve they call it Old Years' Night.  New Years' day was a little slower because everyone was sleeping because they don't go to bed until like three in the morning.  We still had many wonderful lessons.  We just had to get our foot in the door:)

The transfer happened on Thursday and now I am here in Chaguanas.  My area is called Charlieville.  I already love it just as much as I love Curepe.  Sister Taufu'i is great and it feels like we have been teaching together for a long time.  We are excited to see a lot of progress in the branch.  I went to my first branch council yesterday and the Stake President was there.  It was great.

Chaguanas is really beautiful.  It is more country than Curepe.  A lot greener.

New foods tried:  Oil Down.  It was okay but not healthy at all.

There were a lot of miracles this week so I couldn't just pick one.
1.  The drunk guy Sister Edmonds and I found is still progressing.  Sister Edmonds and Sister Jex took him to a baptism on Saturday.
2.  We met three potential priesthood holders this week who all want to follow Christ and have a date they are preparing to be baptized on.
3.  We started working with a family the Elders taught a year or so ago.  They said they are now ready and they chose a baptism date.  They also know Joseph Smith restored the true church and know they want to be baptized as a family.  They are really cool.

We have nine people working towards baptism right now that we didn't have a week ago.  Heavenly Father blessed us a lot this week.

Sorry for the short email.  Just a normal week of missionary work.  Thanks for everything.


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