Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Trinidad and Transfer Time

Good Afternoon,

The last two weeks were amazing.  I couldn't email last week because we only had about fifteen minutes and we were skyping anyway so sorry the rest of you missed out.  Thanks for all the Christmas notes.

Christmas was great.  On Christmas eve we went to the mission home and made cards for our investigators, less actives, and members.  Then we had a wonderful devotional and had our Christmas dinner.  It is always fun to see all the missionaries.  On Christmas we went and passed out the cards.  We shared a short Christmas message with those we saw.  It was really cool because even though we shared the same scriptures and basic message, the Spirit was able to teach everyone different things.  It was a great day.

We got fed a lot on Christmas.  We ate over four good sized Christmas dinners and by the end of the night we had to take home food because we were so full.  They were okay with that as long as they got to feed us.  We had lamb, chicken, turkey, ham, pastels, mac pie, rice, lasagna, pepper pot, salad and a lot more.  Trini's are very kind and excellent cooks.  They love their fruit cake and sweet bread on Christmas and they want everyone to try it.

Well... it is transfer week.  I will be serving in Chaguanas, Trinidad with Sister Taufu'i.  I am sad to be leaving my area and Sister Edmonds but I am excited to learn new things and meet new people.  Sister Edmonds is an amazing missionary and friend and I am going to miss her a lot.  She has taught me a lot and we have had some great experiences together.

Sister Grigg was here on tradeoffs and we had a wonderful day.  We taught eight lessons and found four new investigators.  Heavenly Father blessed us a lot.  Sister Grigg is a great missionary.  Sister Edmonds said she had a great time getting sunburned on a bike in Sangre Grande.

Miracle of the Week:  Last week Sister Edmonds and I were tracting at the foot of the mountain and we contacted a group of drunk men.  We gave them Plan of Salvation pamphlets and scheduled a time for us to come back when they weren't drunk.  Well, last Sunday Sister Mehr came up to us before church started and said she wanted to come out teaching with us that day.  We looked at our schedule and guess who was on it.  It was the group of men.  We stayed true to our promise to go see them and brought the Mission President's wife with us.  Only one of them was there and it turns out he is searching for truth and is willing to read the Book of Mormon.  He has a son and he wants to change his life and follow Christ, he just didn't know how.  The Spirit was very strong during the lesson and last time we checked he read the chapter we left him.  It is amazing what the spirit can do.  We are led to people for a reason.

Thanks for everything.


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Pepper Pot (pig nose, cow heel and all that good stuff)

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  1. wow I love the miracle of the week. Im trying to imagine my niece giving a lesson to drunk men. Im impressed. Love you. Happy New Year.