Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Great Week

Good Afternoon,

I was able to go to San Fernando for a day this week for tradeoffs.  It is a completely different area.  There are more hills and I was able to see the ocean for the first time in a while.  Trinidad is an island but we are pretty far from the coast and in my area there are mountains that block the view (they are beautiful mountains though).  While there I had a cool experience.  We were tracting in some apartments and we contacted a lady.  She wasn't interested until we mentioned the Book of Mormon.  She hurried us over and invited us to sit down and talk about it.  She was very confrontational at first and demanded evidence, but as we bore testimony and read from the introduction her heart was softened and at the end she wanted more.

Sister Edmonds had a leadership conference thing for a few days so I got to work with Sister Tia again.  She has been out less than a transfer and she is doing a great job.  We were very bold during our lessons and invited someone to be baptized.  He said yes during the first lesson and we are excited to help him prepare.  Following the promptings of the Holy Ghost does bring miracles.

Miracle of the Week:  We had two investigators come to church.  Each has a really cool story.  First Sheldon.  We met him on Saturday and had a first lesson.  He has had a death in the family and is going through a rough time.  He loves God and wants to do the right thing.  He said he has felt the Holy ghost testify to him before and we promised that if he came to church he would feel the same way.  He said he would come.  We waited outside the church for him to come and he didn't so we went up.  (The church is located on the second floor above an electrical store).  Right after the opening prayer he started calling us (our phone was on silent luckily) and we rushed outside.  We waited and he came.  We had to take the Sacrament outside though because he was late for that.  It was really great.  The next investigator goes by Baby.  She has had a rough marriage for years and has a granddaughter living with her who is about 5.  She told us during the lesson that she wanted happiness in her family and we promised her that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ was the way to find happiness and we invited her to be baptized.  She accepted.  We then invited her to come to church and caught travel with her.  She had a great experience as well.

Heavenly Father is blessing our area a lot as we are exactly obedient and listen to the counsel of our leaders.  I love serving here.


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