Monday, September 23, 2013

So Glad To Be Back

Good Morning Everyone,

I am glad to be back in Trinidad with Sister Edmonds and guess what?  I am in a trio with Sister Lewis.  she is one of the temporary missionaries who was with Sister Edmonds while I was home and she will be with us for the rest of the transfer.  She is 16 and has a really strong testimony.  I love working with her and she brings the spirit so much.

I am driving now.  Sister Edmonds kindly forces me to drive with all the craziness.  It really isn't that bad, we just drive slow.  I haven't crashed the car or killed us yet so that is a good sign.

We decided that we really don't like driving and we don't get to meet as many people when we are driving so we are pretty much ditching the car unless we need to drive far away.  We have been catching Maxi and walking a lot more and we have found some great people to teach.

We have been experimenting with our contacting methods.  Sister Lewis is such a great missionary that she tried to contact a guy walking down the street while we were stopped at a stoplight through the car window.  She also tried to contact a KFC (they really love fried chicken there) delivery driver (on a motorcycle) from the car window but he drove away.  The best is when we were walking and there was this old guy in the back of the truck.  Right when she started to talk the guy drove away but she gave him a Plan of Salvation book.  Yesterday we were contacting and this drunk guy on a bike came up to us and started asking questions.  He had a bottle of beer in one hand and was trying to steer with the other.  Sister Edmonds gave him a Word of Wisdom book.  He reminded me of a rasta Jack Sparrow by the way he was talking and riding his bike.

Sister Edmonds started teaching a man named Franco while I was gone.  We became best friends when he told me he owns a doubles stand.  On Saturday for our morning exercise we ran to his doubles stand and he gave us free delicious doubles.  He also feeds us almost every time we go over there.  Last time he fed us goat and roti which was really good.  He is an amazing cook.  He always brings out the pepper for me.

The success of the week is the Singh and Persaud family.  A few weeks before I left we had tracted into a young boy named Kevin.  We went back a week later and he wasn't home but his sister was so we had a lesson with her and told her she was a daughter of God.  After I went home Sister Edmonds was able to make contact again and teach the whole family.  They are really cool and they love reading the Book of Mormon.  The mother carries it with her everywhere and they recognize that same spirit they feel when we come can be felt as they read from the Book of Mormon.

Funny story:  Let's start by saying there are homes in Trinidad that are very humble.  While we were in a lesson with the family I was just talking and a cockroach ran across the floor.  Sister Edmonds and Sister Lewis freaked out and I just sat there.  It ran underneath the furniture in another room and we continued the lesson.  About 15 minutes later something flew into the room.  It was the same cockroach.  Sister Lewis ran outside the house and wouldn't come back in until it was gone.  We also saw a few mice and lizards in the house.

Thanks for all the support while I was home and for the prayers.  I am very happy here in Trinidad as I am now able to continue to do the Lord's work.


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I will send pictures next week.  I ran out of time today.

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