Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post Op Gallbladder Surgery

I had the gallbladder surgery and all went well. I also had the check up with the surgeon and my incisions are healing quickly. I haven't felt the same pain I felt since the surgery so they must have fixed the problem. The surgeon said my gallbladder was bad for my age and that I shouldn't have any problems with it now. The day of the surgery I walked a mile. I was off the pain medication in less than 48 hours. By day three I was walking around five to six miles. I have been increasing my walking daily and I am back up to missionary standard. I have been blessed so much during the healing process. I have healed very quickly. I was cleared by the surgeon on Monday and cleared by the missionary department on Tuesday.

Even better news: We just got an email from the Stake President with my travel information. I am leaving bright and early Monday morning. My flight leaves at 6:50 am and arrives in Trinidad at around 8:00 pm. I am traveling through Houston and I have a layover for a few hours.

I am excited to go back to Trinidad and resume my mission. It has been nice being home, but I have been ready to get back to work the day I came back. Being at home was hard because my mind and heart have been on my mission. I suppose I just love being a missionary too much! 

Thanks for all the support while I have been home. I really needed it.

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After surgery with my awesome compression socks

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  1. I think it didn't save my comment last time I tried here...but... we're so glad that your recovery is going well. We will continue to pray for you!