Monday, September 30, 2013

A Birthday Full Of Miracles

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I had a great birthday.  I got up and showered and when I came out the Sisters threw cotton balls at me and sang happy birthday.  Then I opened up my birthday package and we played with the gifts, since right after I showered, the water shut off and the others couldn't shower.  We had a miracle day and Sister Edmonds and Sister Lewis planned a surprise birthday dinner at Franco's (the doubles investigator) which was delicious.

We had a pet named Clifford.  He is a lizard that appeared in our apartment for a few days and then he disappeared.  Hopefully he isn't in our clothes, food, or shoes.

It was a miracle fast Sunday because we were able to get an investigator (Angela) to come to church.  I will make a bullet list of some of the miracles that had to happen for her to come.

1.  She was home when we went to pick her up.
2.  We asked her to come with us but she said she had too much work and her husband would be upset if she went.  She finally let us help her work even though she wasn't coming.
3.  While we were cleaning she said "call my husband I am going to church".  She called and we all prayed in our hearts and he was fine with her leaving.
4.  She called her step father (Franco with the doubles stand) and asked if it was okay if she cooked when she got back.  He told her he would cook for her.
5.  We were able to get yer young son ready to go.
6.  While on the maxi she only had $100.  We didn't have change, no one on the maxi had change, the driver didn't have change.  Once again we said a prayer in our hearts and she found a $20 in her purse.
7.  We were very late leaving her house and we were on a maxi and we prayed in our hearts once again that we would make it in time for the sacrament.  We got there just as they were starting the sacrament hymn.

Like I said, blessing fast Sunday.

We went for our doubles run on Saturday to Franco's stand.  I ate 2 1/2 doubles and they were very good.  I also tried chicken foot at Franco and Angela's.  Franco cooks the best food here and has the best pepper.


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  1. Oh my you are so brave. I would not eat a chicken foot no matter what. I admire you for trying it. Glad you are well and that you are having a wonderful mission and birthday. I will look forward to reading your next post. Much love from us in Florida <3