Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hidden Blessings

This is Sister Shirts in the flesh typing this blog post. I am home on medical leave to figure out why I am sick. They think it is either an ulcer or something wrong with my gallbladder. As soon as it is taken care of I will be back in Trinidad ready to work.

It was really hard when President Mehr called and strongly encouraged me to go home to get it taken care of so I am not sick my whole mission. Naturally I was really discouraged and reluctant to come home but on the airplane ride to Utah I thought of all the hidden blessings that are coming from it. Seeing my family, seeing my friends, restocking supplies for my mission and countless other blessings. It would take a lot of space on my blog to write them all.

We have already seen the Lord's hand in the process. The doctor wanted me to get an enteroscopy and it usually takes around 3 weeks to get an appointment. I was able to get in tomorrow morning. It is amazing the miracles that can happen. I know I am needed in the West Indies and I am getting help from heaven to get there back as soon as possible so I can work.
Picking me up from the airport

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