Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A New Companion and New Adventures

Hello Everyone,

This week has been crazy.  I have a new companion named Sister Edmonds.  She is from Utah and has been on her mission for six months and she served in St. Lucia for that time.  She is great and I am learning a lot from her already.  She has a lot of experience and a really strong testimony. We are going to do great things in Curepe, Trinidad.

Funny but not so funny story:  We had interviews on Thursday and we got a flat tire.  Luckily we were still at the mission home and President Mehr changed it for us but the car fell off the jack and it made funny noises for a few days.  We finally got it fixed yesterday.  We were blessed that it happened while we were with President because Sister Gossard and I had been sick and there is no way we could have changed the tire.

For P day we went to the beach with the other Elders in our district and we spent a few hours there.  Sister Edmonds tried shark and I will get to try it next time.

Trade offs in Chaguanas was fun.  I learned a lot while working with Sister Jewell.  We had a lot of good appointments.

Success story:  We are still working with an elderly couple and we were able to involve their grandson in the lesson this time.  We left him a commitment to read the first page of the Book of Mormon and he said he would.  We are really excited for him.

I am really glad I have this opportunity to serve a mission.  I have learned a lot about prayer and relying on the Savior.  He is always there and wants to help us.  He will if we let him.

Sister Shirts
Sister Shirts and Sister Gossard

Trinidad Beach

Trinidad Beach

Sister Edmonds and Sister Shirts

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