Monday, August 12, 2013

Finding Many to Teach!

Good Afternoon,

This week was amazing.  Heavenly Father blessed us a lot this week.  We met a lot of people (we had 46 contacts) and taught a lot of lessons.  We had trade offs again but this time Sister Edmonds went to Chaguanas and Sister Jex came here.  It was a holiday so every one of our appointments canceled.  We went through our area book and called a lot of people and then went tracting.  It was hard work but it was fun.  Sister Jex has been out almost one transfer so I got to show her how to use the area book.  When we were tracting there was an ice cream man with a bunch of kids gathered around.  He called out to us and asked us to share a message with all the kids (about 10 of them).  We talked about Joseph Smith and how he was young when he prayed.

On Saturday we took one of the members out with us.  She is eighteen and is preparing to serve a mission.  She is over the YSA (young single adults) in the ward so we took her to our investigators who are that age.  We got doubles with her because they are cheap and delicious (I talk about them every week).  We were able to eat lunch for about $2.66 USD for three people and be filled.

Cool experience for the week:  We were tracting in an area and we contacted a house.  We talked to the person and found out they were not that interested but their neighbor might be.  So we went to the neighbor and they said the same thing.  Then a car went up the street and they said we should go talk to that family and we did.  They are interested and we have already gone over a few times to teach them.

This week was great.  Thanks for all the support.


Sister Shirts

Trinidad sunset

Doubles (again)

Outside the apartment

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