Monday, July 1, 2013

A Great Week

Good Afternoon Everyone:

This week has been great.  We have been visiting a less active family we found and it was the youngest daughter's birthday.  We made her a card and some brownies.  She had a "fashion show" of all the clothes she got (her older sister's clothes).  She is seven and her name is Saedia.  Their family is great and wea re teaching them the missionary lessons over again as we encourage them to come back to church.

On Friday we had a branch game night at the chapel.  Everhone was invited and we were supposed to have food and fun.  Unfortunately it was raining and the only people who came were the missionaries.  It is amazing how much the rain changes the days plan.  Naturally, all of our appointments canceled because of the rain.

Apparently hurricane season is a problem here.  Our 5th Sunday program was about hurricane preparedness.  Hopefully one doesn't hit while I am here.

As far as new food, this week I tried real roti (not the stuff you get from fast food).  Roti is the breadish part and you use your hands to tear a piece of it off and grab whatever else is on your plate (this time it was a shrimp, veggie, curry, potato mix).  Look it up on the internet and it will make more sense.  Next time I will take pictures.  The family that fed us is from Guyana so they know how to make good roti.  I also had some weird kind of fish (no idea what kind).  The members keep giving us mangoes.  I love mangoes.  We did our weekly service project and got green onions, normal onions, and potatoes.

The success of the week is Maralda and her grandson Terrick.  Both have been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.  Maralda still doesn't know if she wants to be baptized but Terrick is excited about the gospel and wants to come to church.  The elders had another baptism and this time they did it in the ocean.  It was raining and windy so of course the only ones who came were the missionaries and the ward mission leader.  It is sad that no one else came but it was a beautiful service.

Prayer is very important here in the mission field (and everywhere else).  Prayer has helped me so much on my mission.  We pray all the time and my prayers have been answered.  Prayer is also important in the conversion process because you can't know if something is true without asking Heavenly Father.  Prayer shows faith and through faith all things are possible.


Sister Shirts

Finally got a monkey on camera.  They are all around like the deer in Utah

An ocean baptism

On a very windy Crane Beach

This is the entrance to a creepy jungle church they explored on P day

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