Monday, June 24, 2013

More adventures in Barbados

Hello everyone,

This week has been great.  Sister Herrick and I swept the church on Saturday and cleaned up piles of potato bugs and a cockroach.  It was fun.  I had my first real mango and also had some five finger fruit (very sour).

We had a tropical storm this week and all of our appointments canceled on us because they don't do anything here if it is raining.  It is the ultimate excuse.  Unfortunately it rains a lot so it is a problem.

Earlier last week a sister from Trinidad was able to visit because she had to leave the country and then go back to get a visa so she decided to come here.  We went and got ice cream with her and visited for a few minutes.  Sister Taylor is the one who took me out my first day and taught me how to contact so it was fun to see her again.

We had an interesting experience with a less active.  I don't know if I mentioned her last week but her name is Sister Gittens.  She is crazy.  She has a crazy dog that tried to eat us when we stopped by to help her in her garden.  She also has a crazy neighbor and they yell at each other.  They were calling each other witches and devils and other not so nice things.  On the bright side we did get some mangoes from her.

The success story of the week is Maralda and her family.  Maralda is an older lady with lots of grand kids.  We have taught them a few times but our last visit was great.  She has a 12 year old son that has been participating and he loves to read the scriptures.  She works with a member in our branch so hopefully we can take the sister teaching with us some time.

I hope you all watched or will watch the leadership broadcast.  It was great and shared how all of us can help the missionaries.  I know member missionary work is important and it really does help the missionaries.  Keep in mind people you know that don't have the gospel in their lives so you can help the missionaries.  We are told that the members are the finders and the missionaries are the teachers.  The people who are found by the members find friends in the gospel and they have people they can relate to.

Thanks for all your support,

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