Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfer week! Going to...

Hello everyone,

The tropical storm was very disappointing.  Basically it just rained a lot.  On the bright side there were a lot of giant frogs that came out and we caught a few.  Even better they were smashed on the road...everywhere.

Big news of the week:  I am going to Curepe, Trinidad on Wednesday morning.  Sister Gossard will finish training me.  It is both exciting and sad.  Sister Herrick and Sister Forbes will stay behind.  I am excited because Trinidad will be a whole new experience.  It is a lot more diverse.  It will be hard leaving Barbados.  I love it here.

New things I have tried:  mashed breadfruit, flying fish, and mac pie.  I also got fresh bananas from an investigotor which were very good.  The mashed breadfruit was kind of like mashed potatoes.  I have been driving a lot lately.  When I go to Trinidad I will probably be the one driving.  Trini's drive crazy and the roads are narrow.

For P day we went to the beach and played volleyball as a zone.  It was fun.

Success story:  We had our first investigator come to church.  It is hard for people to get to church because transportation is expensive.  She was able to get a ride with a member and she came with her baby.  She is reading her scriptures and praying and the gospel is really blessing her life.

I know that as we continue to do our best the Lord will bless us.  My time in Barbados has been great.  The gospel continues to bless lives here.

Thanks for all the support.


Sister Shirts

Boardwalk in Oistins

Mashed breadfruit and flying fish

Cliff she went walking to a lot in the mornings

Barbados Elders

Barbados Sisters


  1. Best of luck with your transfer. Enjoy the new adventures. :)

  2. Jasmine, what a pleasure to be able to keep up with you. Hope the transfer goes well! You're amazing.