Monday, June 17, 2013

Continuing the Lord's work in Barbados

Good Day Everyone,

The work in our area is really picking up. We have been meeting a lot with the members and less actives. The mission president really wants us to build up the members and get referrals from them. Church has been great and the members are getting more and more willing to help us out.

People love my last name. They don't remember Sister Herrick's name but they remember mine.

We have been living off of spaghetti noodles and rice. We have been experimenting on different sauces we can put on it to make it taste better. My favorite so far is breakfast spaghetti (spaghetti with eggs and stuff). We bought ham from the store last week. When I smelled it, I decided it wasn't ham. We looked on the ingredients list and it said chicken. So basically our ham was like a hot dog and there wasn't even any ham in it. I also tried doubles which was great (there is a picture).

The mosquitoes here bite me like crazy. Sister Herrick said they stop after a while. There are also other bug problems here. One evening I went to get clothes to change into after showering and my drawer was full of ants. We got the bug spray and I took all my clothes out and sprayed them until they were all dead. Now my drawer smells bad, but hopefully it will get better.

I have heard that Barbados is the Bible belt of the West Indies. It is true. The people in Barbados love the Bible and they know everything about it. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Funny story about contacting: We were tracting and we came up to a house. We looked down and there was this huge iguana just sitting there. We were scared for a minute but then we thought it was cool. Sister Herrick pulled out her hand sanitizer and went to poke it was fake. We thought it was real and were panicking for nothing.

We went walking on the beach one morning for exercise. It was nice. I haven't been for p day yet so maybe we will go next week.

We found a family who is very interested in hearing what we have to say. We taught them about the plan of salvation and they really want to get to the celestial kingdom. Even better, they realize they aren't living the way they should to make it there. Hopefully they continue to have the desire to learn more.

Heavenly Father has blessed me so much this week with finding people and helping them take the steps necessary to live with Heavenly Father forever. We have been working hard and Heavenly Father recognizes it.

Thank you for all your support.


Sister Shirts

West Indies Sisters at the MTC

Barbados beach


View from airplane flying to Barbados

A lighthouse found while driving around lost

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