Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I made it to Trinidad.  We woke up at 1 in the morning and went to bed at midnight.  It is so hot and humid here.  When I walked off the airplane it hit me like a wall.  It is beautiful and the people here drive really fast.  I found out that all the sisters get cars for safety, but they expect you to walk most of the day to save money on gas.  (Mom's note:  she was afraid she would have to drive.  She didn't like driving at home so she is going to have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road with the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car.  There are really no rules and no speed limits there.)

The Mission President and his wife are great.  The mission home has bars on the windows and the doors have an extra layer of bars and are padlocked closed.  There is also an electric fence around part of the home.

I met Mrs. Allred's sister.  She is really nice and we had a lot to talk about.  (Mom's note:  Mrs. Allred is a favorite teacher at the elementary school.  She and Jasmine share a great love of reading.)

I leave for Barbados tomorrow morning.


Sister Shirts
 The newly arrived Sisters and Elders

The new missionaries with the President and Sister Mehr (in the center back row)

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