Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Days In Trinidad

We had two holidays this week.  Eid and Independence Day.  Eid is a Muslim holiday and a lot of people fed us food.  The usual Indian food:  curry aloo and chana, curry shrimp, curry chicken, roti...the usual good stuff.  Sawine is also very popular on that day.  It is pretty much noodles in a cinnamon milk stuff.  It was pretty good.  Independence day involved a lot of people partying and drinking but we were able to stay away from most of it.  It was a great day to teach because a lot of people were home with their families.


Eid dinner

Sister Reddy is an amazing missionary and I am glad we got to serve together in a trio for a few days.  She is a great teacher and I feel like I am leaving the area in good hands.

I had a bad head cold for a few days bit I am pretty much better now.  Just have a cough left.  We all got sick.  Probably from all the rain ;).  We had a combined sports day with Couva ward in Couva.  It was fun and we played cricket and football.  My favorite was playing football on the muddy football field.  We were all slipping and sliding in the mud and we had some great food.  The members and investigators really enjoyed it.  Activities really help the church come together and is also a great tool for missionary work.

Brother Patrick shared his testimony with us.  The spirit was very strong as he shared his short simple, sweet testimony.  I am going to miss him a lot.  He talked about how his life has been changed since he met the missionaries and how thankful he is.  He really turned his life around.  He drank a lot of rum before and smoked a lot and now he doesn't do any of it and is a church going man.  He is an example of how powerful the gospel can be.

Miracle of the Week:  We found three great young men to start teaching.  Potential Priesthood holders!  They were excited to hear about their potential as sons of God and how they can become like him.  The branch really needs them and we are excited to work with them.  We also found two great families to start teaching that want to follow Christ.

I am excited to head out to St. Lucia on Wednesday morning.  Great things will happen!


Sister Shirts

Opening coconuts

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