Monday, August 11, 2014

Greetings From St. Lucia

Good Morning from St. Lucia!

My last few days in Chaguanas was great.  On Monday I got my last doubles.  They were delicious.  Saying goodbye was sad as expected,  I am going to miss everyone.  Brother Deonarinesingh and Sister Geeta cried, Brother Patrick gave me a crab head he had been saving for me, and everyone fed us a lot of food.  I met a lot of great people in the area.  I was there for eight months.  I am excited for Sister Herrick and Sister Reddy to see a lot of progress.

Brother Patrick made us curry Tilapia and the Deonarinesinghs made us curry mango, chicken and roti.  Satesh got up extra early one morning and made me some sada roti and delicious breakfast aloo and brought it to the house meeting.

I got to St. Lucia on Friday morning.  Sister Hodge didn't come in until after lunch so I spent time with the Gublers (the senior couple).  Then they showed us around the area so we knew where the church was and where to get groceries.  We spent the afternoon trying to find places, cleaning the apartment, and getting food.  Our apartment is huge and is awesome.

Sister Hodge is a great missionary.  She really wants to work hard and can teach very well.  She has been out for about six months.  She gets to drive so I don't have to :).  This is her first time driving on the left side of the road.

Miracle of the Week:  We had an amazing lesson with the branch mission leader.  He has been a member since February.  He really wants the area to progress and you can see a light in his eyes.  He told us about how he really had to change his life around and he is very grateful for the gospel.

As always...thanks for everything.  The work is going great here in St. Lucia!!


Sister Shirts

Last pictures from Trinidad:
With Brother Patrick in the same place as the first time she met him and took a picture

Brother Thomas

Last Yougurtland on Pday

Last Doubles

Pictures from St. Lucia:
Making cookies on the stovetop because the oven wouldn't light

View from the church

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