Monday, July 14, 2014

Members Need To Help Hasten The Work

Good Morning,

I got to do a nice tradeoff in Curepe again.  I got to spend time with Sister Kime.  Once again it was fun serving with my MTC companion in my old area this time.  Sister Kime is a wonderful missionary.  She just got to the area so she didn't know it too well.  Luckily I know the area, just not the people so we didn't get too lost.  It was fun.

On Wednesday the Deonarinesinghs took us less active finding.  They know where a lot of people live that haven't been to church for a while.  We now have some new people to work with.  They are great.  Brother Patrick is doing great as always.  He comes to church every week and is learning quickly.  Everyone loves him.  He enjoys feeding us snacks every time we come.  We taught him the primary song Book of Mormon Stories and he loved the hand actions.  He couldn't stop laughing.  It is his new favorite song.

We got to do a service project at the Deonarinesingh's jungle garden.  We cleaned around pineapple plants, picked oranges, cut figs, caught oranges, and shook cocoa trees.  Brother Deonarinesingh almost fell out of the tree but his is like a monkey so he caught himself.  Sister Deonarinesingh made us fish broth.  It had provision, eddoes, white aloo, carrots, dumplings, and... fish head.  Don't worry the brain and eyes were already out.  It was good.

Can you see the tarantual?

Stick Bug

Miracle of the week:  We had a lot of people at church.  Because of the Deonarinesingh's hard work and willingness to hasten the work of Salvation we had several less active families come out.  We really need the help of the members if we want the Lord's work to progress.

Thanks for all you do.  I really appreciate your prayers and support.


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Rainy season brings out frogs.  This dead frog was on the porch.

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