Monday, July 21, 2014

Bikes and a Baptism

Good Morning Everyone,

We got bikes!  For about two days.  Sister Herrick's is too tall for her so she will have to get a new one that fits better.  Mine worked great though.  It was fun while it lasted.  We still have the car until the end of the transfer.  I had my last tradeoff with Sister Edmonds in Curepe this week.  It was great.  She goes home at the end of the transfer.  I am going to miss her a lot.  she is an amazing missionary.

The miracle of the week will take up the rest of the email:  Brother Patrick.  The week started off great.  We were supposed to see him on Tuesday but "the crabs were running in Felicity" so he wasn't home.  Wednesday...still not home.  This would have been fine except his baptism interview was supposed to be on Thursday.  We finally caught him home on Wednesday night.  He was trying to save up enough money to travel to his baptism.  He felt bad about missing our appointment so he made us curried crab.  We ate it while we watched him chop up the fresh batch.  When I say fresh I mean they were still alive and he was getting pinched while he was killing them.  The crab was good though.
Chopping crabs

Holding crab head

First bite of crab

Crab and rice

Crab and roti

Brother Patrick broke his hammock

He passed his interview.  We have a paper to help him remember the commandments and he didn't have any problems.  He got a nice haircut and Brother Gerard baptize him on Saturday.  Then Sunday came along.  He is usually an hour early to church and we got there at that time Brother Patrick.  We waited and church started...still not there.  Sacrament...nothing.  After the sacrament finished in walked Brother Patrick.  He got caught in the rain so he was late.  He was able to be confirmed right after the Sacrament.  Dheeraj Patrick Herbert is the newest member of the Chaguanas Branch.  Miracle :)

Thanks for everything.


Sister Shirts

Collecting Recipes

Looks like the back of Preach My Gospel

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