Monday, February 24, 2014

A Brand New Member!

Good Morning,

Let's start off with the miracle of the week:  Fred got baptized!!!  Friday was the big day.  It was one of the best days of my mission.  His interview was Wednesday and he passed.  Elder Petersen baptized him and Elder Jeppson confirmed him.  It was wonderful.  Fred was so happy and his dad even came.  We have been over to visit him a few times since his baptism and he is still glowing.
This water isn't looking very clean.  The font is outside behind the church building.

Almost there

Just baptized!

After he was baptized we went to Yogurt land and Subway to celebrate on our lunch break.  It was delicious and I am glad we found those places.  There are also some great Chinese restaurants here too.  I have been fed curry up to my neck this week (including goat).  That's okay because I love it.

We had a great service project with Brother Patrick.  He had a hole in the ground about five feet deep and across filled with water (pretty much like a pond).  For four hours we went with buckets and bailed out the water and mud.  I was pretty sore after but it was fun.  There was a lot of baby fish, tadpoles, and we even found a turtle living in it.  Best service project ever.  We got very muddy and wet.

Stake conference was yesterday and it was amazing.  Fred came and he loved it.  President Mehr was his favorite speaker ("the first white man").  They really focused on the doctrine of repentance and what it really means to repent.  The priesthood is so important and no one can fully be cleansed/sanctified from sin without it.  That is why it is so important to be baptized by the proper authority and take the sacrament that has been blessed and passed by that authority.  It is amazing how everything connects.  He also liked Sister Mehr's talk and he remembered she came out teaching with us to go see him.

We had a really good week.  Sister Rampersad and Sister Taufu'i are great.  Next week is Carnival so we have to stay in Sunday after church, Monday, and Tuesday so my letter will be late.

Thanks for everything.


Sister Shirts

p.s. Ignore the dates on the pictures.  Somehow the date on the camera got messed up.

Fred's duck

Notice the stove and dryer are outside the house

Cows wander around all over

Beautiful Trini Sunrise
Accidents happen all the time in Trinidad.  This is #3 for Sister Shirts.  (None of them have been the Sisters fault).

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