Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Home at Last

This is Sister Shirts here. I made it home safely and all is well. Things are going great.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in the West Indies. It was the best eighteen months of my life. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I worked with and the spirit that was felt.

What next? I am taking a CNA class and will be starting school in January. I am excited to keep moving forward and working hard.

Thanks for reading the blog. It was fun writing.


  1. Sister Hodge's mom here - I loved reading your post throughout your mission. I was able to look it up even before Kelly left for her mission. I enjoyed reading your perspective of mission life. Thank you for teaching and being a great friend to my daughter. She misses you tremendously! Good luck to you in all your new adventures. Love, Bobbi Hodge

  2. Thanks for returning home safely from your mission