Friday, May 24, 2013

First email from the MTC

Hi everyone,
So far my MTC stay has been great. Just warning you you will probably see a letter from me as well today because I sent a letter yesterday telling you about how my first day went. I love the MTC and I have already learned a lot. Our schedule is very busy and we don't get a lot of free time. Yesterday we got up at 6:30ish and went to bed at 10:30. It feels like each day is a week because they are so full. We sit in class a lot and we have hours to study the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. This morning was good though because Sister Kime and I went jogging around campus. We already get to start teaching investigators and our first one is a man. He has had a rough life and we are planning to teach him about the Plan of Salvation tonight. It will be interesting to see how our first lesson goes but I am sure it will be fine. Sister Kime is the senior companion because they go in alphabetical order and then we switch on Wednesday. I am already used to having a companion and it isn't as bad as I thought. I have seen some other people I know here in the cafeteria: several from school and a few from institute.
We get to go to the temple today which is exciting. I haven't been to any of the other temples to do a session yet.
We pray a lot here, almost every hour we have something to pray about, which is cool. Last night Sister Kime lost her retainer and we said a prayer and we found it. It is fun to get to know the Sisters in going to the mission, there are six of us. We all have the same easy going attitude, which is good because that is how the people are in the West Indies. Sometimes we even run on Trini time (don't know if I spelled it right but I guess you guys would't know either).
Last night I was called to be the Music Coordinator and Sister Kime was called to be the Sister Trainer Leader person (none of us is sure what her title actually is). My job is to pick the music for sacrament meeting and choose someone to play the piano. Not too hard. I am glad I don't have her job. She is in charge of all the sisters and keeping up to date on what they are doing. We start next SundayThis Sunday will be nice because we get more personal time and I will probably have time to write a few letters. They also have an optional scheduled walk which can be on temple grounds if we want.
We also met with our Branch President last night and we went around the room and shared why we are going on a mission. It was fun to hear how everyone decided and received their answers that it was the right thing to do.
Random facts Sister Kime and I discovered about the MTC:
  • So far the cafeteria lines are not too bad, yet
  • There is a tree that smells like cream soda, weird
  • The beds are loud- kind of like the Ikea beds that squeaked every time someone moved
  • There are more sisters in our district than elders (in the MTC we are about even)
  • The spirit is strong here
  • we are here for a reason
Missionary life is different but, it is good. It is hard work, but it it is fun.
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P.S. Sorry I didn't take very many pictures. I will send more next time. It should be a picture of Sister Kime and me. If not I will send it to you next week.

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