Friday, May 31, 2013

Final thoughts from the MTC

So I got my travel plans. I am leaving Monday and I report to the travel office at 3 AM, which means we have to get up at about 1:30 AM to make sure everything is in order and ready to go.  (Mom's note:  She will fly to Houston, have a couple of hours layover and then fly to Port of Spain, Trinidad where the mission home is.  There will be 6 Sisters and 6 Elders going together.  This is her first time flying and I'm glad she will have others with her.  I hear getting through customs there is tricky and they have been advised on how to get through and were given cash for bribery if needed.  I heard of a pair of Elders that were sent back to Miami.)
The spirit is amazing here and I have seen it work in my life. I have learned so much since I have been here. I have been able to study the scriptures for hours when before I could only do it for 15 minutes. I have been able to improve my teaching skills and I am excited to get into the field.  A few weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to give a 5 minute talk off the top of my head and now I could give a 20 minute talk if I needed to. I have been spending all day studying and teaching to apply what I have been learning.
Sister Kime and I get along very well and we have been teaching two investigators together. We have learned a lot from our experience.
We have a theory about how time runs at the MTC. We fit so much in each day and we don't know how we are able to learn so much. It is funny because we can't even remember what we did in the morning (which is why I am glad I have been taking good notes during class :)  ). The sisters and I were talking about how maybe we are closer  to the Lord's time here because it is such a spiritual place. There is no other way that we could learn and grow as much as we have without the Lord's help.
We had a devotional on Sunday that was amazing. The thing that stuck out to me was when the speaker said "Don't worry, the Lord is patient with our efforts". It made me think about how we have been called to help guide Heavenly Father's children back to him, but we are far from perfect. We are still learning and he is proud of our efforts to follow his commandments. I am grateful for the Atonement in my life that enables me to repent and be forgiven when I make mistakes. I am also grateful for the help my Savior has given while I have been here putting forth my best effort.
Thanks for all you do everyone.
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